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The Property
Skövde hostel’s operations are conducted in a house from the turn of the century 1900. One of the sustainability aspects we work with is to maintain the property itself. Our wish is to maintain the building in a fresh and good condition that will make it last for many decades to come. A lot of maintenance is required on such an old property to keep it in order. We use exclusively local labor, which is a step in a long-term future.

The property is heated with district heating, which is a fairly durable alternative as district heating is a closed cycle based on the heat being delivered from a central plant instead of each property having its own heat source.
The lighting in the property now consists almost exclusively of LED lamps.

Good enviromental choice
When it comes to bed linen, we rent this from Kåpi laundry, which makes sure that all detergents are approved according to “Good environmental choice”, the dosage of detergent is computerized and water consumption is minimized. Their entire business, from offices and laundry to energy and transport, is elaborated in detail to protect the environment.

Financial profitability
We work actively with our financial profitability as it is important to be able to invest in the future and the continued maintenance of the property so that future generations can also take part in this beautiful building.