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Skövde hostel (556685-9046) is responsible for the processing of the personal data you register. When you make a booking, send an email or fill in a booking form via our website, we save the information to be able to help with your booking. The personal data is saved in order to be able to be followed up, as well as fulfill legal obligations imposed on the company. We may share your personal information with a third party, provided that we are required to do so by law. Other than that they are never passed on to anyone else and the information is protected with a password that only authorized staff at Skövde hostel have access to.
We use various cloud-based systems in our work such as booking systems, email sending systems, etc. where we register your information. All systems we use follow the GDPR and have a good policy when it comes to handling personal data.
You can request correction of any changed or incorrect information at any time. You can also notify in writing that you object to the personal data being used for marketing purposes.
Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding our use of personal information. We are available by phone 0500-481718 or