Welcome to Skövde Hostel.

When you stay at Skövde Hostel, you are very close to the center of Skövde with restaurants, cinema, taverns and waterpark.
At the same time, you live in a really quiet residential area with villas.
If you prefer to take a stroll in a beautiful park, Boulognerskogen with nice walkways is just about 200 meters across the road.
There you will also find a little lake if you like to take a swim.

The hostel is located in beautiful house from the nineteenth century, renovated in style, where we tried to keep the rustic feeling with high ceilings.
There are only a few minutes walk to the travel center with train and bus terminal.

Near Skövde College.
The hostel is located right next to the university and is therefore an excellent option for those who have too far to commute every day.

When you live with us, you are close to some of west Sweden’s biggest attractions such as the Arena Skövde, Skara Sommarland, Göta Kanal, Karlsborg Fortress, Läckö Castle, Varnhems Abbey Church, Hornborga Lake and many others.
Welcome to Skövde Hostel.