torsdag 20 november 2008

Skövde Vandrarhem
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Booking conditions




All spaces in the hostel are non-smoking, and pets are not allowed inside.

275 SEK per night. Guests who do not wish to share a room with someone else are charged an extra 175 SEK per bed and night.

Children from 3 to 15 years: 175 SEK per night.

In case of some big events in town prices might be modified.



If no other agreement has been made payment is due on arrival. Please contact the staff when you arrive. The phone number can be found just inside the door, or you go up to the fourth floor, which is the residence of the staff.



Rental of bedlinen is 75 SEK per set. Please let us know when you make your reservation. 

No breakfast is served

We do not serve breakfast, but – in case you do not want to make it on your own – you can buy breakfast at Mariesjögrillen. (For more information see “Good to know”.)

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Kaplansgatan 10

541 34  SKÖVDE

+46 (0)500-48 17 18