torsdag 20 november 2008

Skövde Vandrarhem
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The hostel

Each room has shower and toilet, which is much appreciated by many. We have rooms with two, four and six beds. Most beds are bunk beds with the upper bunk to be raised or lowered as you wish. If you have a room on your own you might want to raise the upper bunk to get more space. You will feel comfortable on the thick feather mattress with overlay mattress in your bed.


The furnishings are simple but pleasing and we have tried to conserve as much as possible of the old charm. Each room has its high and beautiful windows which makes them look grand.


There is a common kitchen which is also used as a tv room. You will find most of what is needed to prepare a meal for yourself: stove/oven, microwave, fridge, freezer, coffee maker, electric water boiler. As it is a common kitchen everyone who has used it will have to do their own washing-up and tidying.


The Annexe

Here you will find ten beds in five double rooms. The bunk beds have an upper bunk which you can raise or lower as you like. The annexe has its own small kitchen equipped with stove/oven, micro, fridge, freeze and coffee maker.

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Kaplansgatan 10

541 34  SKÖVDE

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